Where do I put my web site?

Is your business on the web yet? No? Why not? Your customers expect you there! The web is rapidly becoming the first place people look for new places to spend money or to find out details about your company. Not just your business name and what you do or sell, but how to contact you, when to stop by, where you are located, directions to your showroom, hours of operation, and more. The list is limitless.

Is your business on the web yet?…
…Your customers expect you there.

Advertising in the Yellow Pages or the local newspaper is still a good choice, but the information is static – unchanging, week after week. Add an Internet address (www.yourcompany.com) to these listings and you provide your customers with much, much more! Information can now be far more comprehensive, and can be changed weekly, daily or even in real-time! With an e-commerce enabled site, you can sell your products on line, accept credit cards, provide real-time shipping information, process RMA requests, and more. You can promote your items with pictures, PDF catalogs, weekly specials, coupons, feedback forms, store policies, warranty info, appointment requests and more.

What we will do for you

With Gagnon Consulting, Inc., you don’t have to fully understand the Internet to get your company online, nor do you have to pay an arm and a leg to have a professional Internet presence.

Your company will have a professional appearance, able to compete at the same level as your bigger competitors. You will have email addresses at yourcompany.com and a web site at www.yourcompany.com.*

Web presence cost can start from as little as $359 plus monthly hosting fees. More details can be found below.

Domain name registration

We can register a domain name (www.yourCompanyName.com) for your company. The cost is $35 per year with a minimum of 2 years. Note that the availability of www.yourcompany.com is limited and available on a first-come first-serve basis. Register your domain now before it is taken!

Web Site hosting

$24.99 per month for email & web (“Basic Single Page Site”)

$29.99* per month for email & web (“Business Pro-Site”)

(*e-commerce, database, FTP and high volume extra)
$15 per month email only

download brochure for more details

Website design and publishing

We will work with you to create a site design, including layout and graphics based on your current company logo and colors or with a fresh, new design. We do request that you provide the detailed information about your company, but we will organize it and format it for web publishing.

  • Basic one page “Yellow Page” starter site for $359 (details)
  • Professional Business Site starting at $999 (details)
  • Custom web sites are designed and built to your specifications. We can provide you with dynamic content, custom programs and E-Commerce store-front implementations. Please contact Gagnon Consulting, Inc. to schedule a consultation to go over your requirements so we can provide you with a custom proposal.
  • All additional web design and implementation services are charged hour

Transfers & Website Redesign

If you already have a web site, but are unhappy with the service that you are currently receiving, we can help. We would be happy to transfer your site to our servers and provide the ongoing maintenance that a professional web site requires.

This is also a good time to freshen up your site – from updates to complete redesigns. Many first time sites were created based on the tools and techniques of several years ago. The technology has changed rapidly, and you probalby are not using your website to its full potential, or have found that your presence has become outdated. Contact Gagnon Consulting, Inc. to see how we can help.

E-Commerce sites

We use Miva Merchant shopping cart software hosted on Linux servers and the Verisign PayFlow Pro payment processing gateway with your current merchant account. We can set you up with a merchant account that will accept on-line payment processing if needed. Prices start at $150 per month plus setup for hosting with shopping cart and $50 per month for the payment gateway service. Please contact Gagnon Consulting, Inc. to find our your options.


We use Verisign Secure ID for securing the sensitive information that is transferred from you customers through your site. This would include payment processing information as well as any other sensitive information you may share with your customers. Secure ID cost may be included in the E-Commerce site monthly costs or purchased separately. Please inquire for details.