Keep it up to date!

One of the main benefits of having a web site is that it is very economical to change. And it should change. It should reflect your business in almost real time. If you change your menu or product lineup, or get a new testimonial from a client, or add a new project to your completed list, your website should reflect these changes as soon as possible. If your information was in print, this would be a significant task. But since you have a website, the updates are quick and painless.

What we will do for you

Simply send Gagnon Consulting, Inc. an email with your changes and we will have your site updated in no time. You don’t have to worry about any of the details. Just tell us what you want changed, and we will incorporate the updates, complete with any reorgainization and/or formatting to make the new material fit right into your layout.

If you need pictures of your products, project or samples, we will take care of that, too. If your client sent you a thank you letter scrawled on a napkin, we can make sure it gets on your site. This is one of the many benefits of a using our One Stop Technical Services Company.