Web Sites

web_sliceYour clients expect you to have a web site

Having a website is pretty much a mandatory requirement for any business that deals with the public or interacts with other businesses. This is probably you. I fact, only a dozen or so years after the web was born, most people EXPECT a business to have a website, or at minimum, a web page.

Having a website can make your company look bigger, smaller, more professional, or about anything you want it to look like. Most would agree that the goal of a website is to provide easy access to information about your company so your clients can find you and your products or services. And once the product or service is sold, it is a place where your clients can return and learn more or receive help.

Your competitors are on the Web. Are you?

A website can be simple and easy to use, or can be a nightmare for your clients. They can look good – something to be proud of, or they can look like your next door neighbors kid built it. We know the difference, and so do your clients.

At Gagnon Consulting, Inc., we have built many sites for many different types of clients, and we can build one for you. Please explore our website portfolio or show us some sites that you like, and we can create you a web presence for your company that you will be proud of.