Use Teamviewer to allow Gagnon Consulting, Inc. technicians to remotely access your computer while you watch. You can join in with your mouse and keyboard for an interactive session.

Download the appropriate program for your computer type and then select ‘Run’ or ‘Save and Open’ or ‘Open and Run’. Reply ‘Yes’ or ‘OK’ to and popup asking for permission or providing you a warning when installing the Teamviewer Quick Support program.




Windows version: Teamviewer 12 Quick Support client

Mac OSX version: Teamviewer 12 Quick Support client

Once the Quick Support program starts, you will be asked by the Gagnon Consulting technician for the 9 digit Partner ID and then a 4 digit Passcode. Once the technician connects, you will both have access to the keyboard and mouse, and can both view the activity. If you want to disconnect at any time, simply close the Teamviewer Quick Support program and the technician will be disconnected. The technician will not be able to reconnect without a new 4 digit Passcode from you.