Software updates, Patches

Computer hardware an software are continuously being updated, upgraded and patched. Security breaches are found and repaired. New functionality is added. You change or hire new employees, add new features, buy a laptop. Computer systems seem to always be in a state of flux.

Many of these changes are good, some are a waste of time, some are downright bad. Knowing which is worth your while and which you should avoid is important, and making the correct decision can save you money. Worse yet, making the wrong decision can cost you big.

What we will do for you

We will administer your systems and network to ensure all aspects of it are efficiently working and we will make the day to day adjustments and updates to keep your business running smoothly. We will monitor and update your security and keep your disaster recovery items up to date.

At Gagnon Consulting, Inc., we don’t make updates for the sake of making them. We will always make sure that security and other critical updates to your software and Operating System are performed, but we also understand and believe in the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

We usually check in with our clients monthly to ensure that their systems are operating properly, and of course, are available immediately for more pressing operational issues.