Connect your computers

A single computer is somewhat useful, and may be all you need if you are a single person in the office. But if you want to send an email to a client or check shipping costs or research information on line, you will need a network.

Networks are the wires and equipment that will allow your business to inter-operate and share data and information with others – inside your company and/or on the Web. Once you are networked, you will quickly wonder how you ever lived or ran your business without the vast amounts of information readily available. You will be amazed at how much easier your business processes are to implement and follow.

A network does not have to be expensive, but must be reliable, extensible and secure.

What we will do for you

Gagnon Consulting, Inc. can design and wire (or set up wireless) infrastructure. We provide all the services, from running the wires and setting up the network to procuring the right equipment for your needs. We can deal with the outside communications vendors to make sure you get the correct bandwidth and options that are offered. We will work with you to determine your needs and planned usage, to ensure that your network works for you now and as you grow.