Choose the right system

What kind of computer do I need? How many computers does my company need? Do I need a network? What about Security? What is a server… HELP

It can be very confusing at first. Your business needs different types of computers and applications than you might have at home. Even if your business is in your home, the requirements can be quite different.

What we will do for you

At Gagnon Consulting, Inc., we can help you determine what types of equipment and networking you need based on how you plan to use your system, and many other variables. Choices made at this stage of the process – the initial analysis and requirements gathering portion – will affect your costs and ease of use and upgrades for years to come. It is important to not simply run down to the local Comp USA or Circuit City and grab the PC of the Month. A computer system is an investment that you will want to make sure fits your business plans and daily operations.