Computer has crashed or won’t turn on!

OK, you come in first thing Monday morning, ready to roll, but when you sit at your desk, your computer sits lifeless. After pressing the power button a couple of time and giving it a smack on the side, you are out of options. Do you call Dell Tech Support and wait on hold for 45 minutes?…

Or… You have been working for half the morning, and come back from a quick coffee break, and fire up Internet Explorer to check out the status of your weekend shipments. ‘Unable to Display the Page’ is all you get. Now what?…

In either case, or for any other reason, all you have to do is make one simple call to Gagnon Consulting, Inc.

What we will do for you

Since we understand that time is money, and sometimes, and more importantly, your reputation, we will be onsite quickly. We will diagnose the problem, and based on the Disaster Recovery Plan that you have in place, we know the steps to follow. Our first priority is not necessarily to fix the problem, but to get you operational; that is, making money. This may mean to fix the problem quickly, or it may mean to find an alternate solution so you can continue your job, then to fix the problem.

Gagnon Consulting, Inc. also has a full service PC Repair facility to get you going again. We are experienced in fixing many of the issues that arise from both the ordinary daily use and extraordinary catastrophic system failures. Usually, we can diagnose the problem and give you a repair estimate within a few hours. If you don’t have time to drop off your equipment, we can pick it up and deliver it back to you when it is done*.

Service Charges:

$75 for initial checkup and estimate, applied to repair cost if service is provided.

Hourly rate is $135, one hour minimum

Drop-off and pickup at shop

You can drop your equipment off at the shop to save yourself pick-up and delivery service charges. When bringing your PC, please try to find all of the software that came with it and the applications that you use.

Please call first to schedule a time

We are located at:

2035 West Street
Wrentham, MA 02093

Office: 508-876-2721

Visit our Contact Page for Maps and Driving Directions

Pick-up and delivery

$75 charge within 30 minutes of facility.

Please contact us today for all of your computer hardware needs