You want to be in movies

Sometimes words and pictures are just not enough. You have something to say, and you want to show the world while you are talking. The high speed Internet connection and the CD/DVD have given us a whole new realm to work in, with without needing a Hollywood budget!

Along with the ability to create the video, there are numerous ways to self-publish it, as well. Videos can be placed on your website, published to You Tube and similar services, be set up as a Pod Cast, or burned to a CD/DVD to pass out with your business card and brochure.

The possibilities are endless. Have your own show with a weekly Pod Cast, create an infomercial to highlight your new product, or record lectures and seminars to pass out to attendees or resell on line.

What we will do for you

We will supply the technology, you supply the talent. Gagnon Consulting, Inc. has the tools and expertise to record, edit and produce video presentations for your company. Whether it is a simple Pod Cast or a audio/video infomercial or seminar, we will make a star out of you and your company!