Why do Catalogs get their own page?

That is a good question, and the simple answer is that catalogs are generally more complex than the other graphic materials that we provide. They require an integration of printed (and/or on line) material with your business process and data. Ad Copy, digital photography and a layout and design that is consistent with your company’s brand all must be integrated with information about the product or service that you are offering in your Catalog.

Your Catalog my be published in print, on the web, or both.

The catalog must make your product or service appealing to your customer, and provide them an easy way to communicate their desire to order the products or services listed in the catalog, and have clear and concise instructions on how to complete a transaction with your company.

What we will do for you

Gagnon Consulting, Inc. will work with you to design, layout, edit and prepare your catalog for publication. We will work with your printer (or with one of ours) to ensure that they have the materials in the correct format and that they have all the information and data for printing the catalog, and help you create and prepare mailing lists and customer information for the mailing service.

We will also publish your catalog on line, on your website, with or without an E-Commerce capability. We understand that many companies are not ready to sell their products on line, but we will be there with you in either case.