Printed Marketing Materials

It seems easy enough. You have a nice new PC, and you want to create a brochure and some business cards. You sit down, start up your word processing program, and begin. Four hours later, you are still sitting there with a virtual trash can of crumpled up attempts, and you are no closer to having a brochure than you were when you started.

So on to business cards. You make a nice simple design, grab the package of business card paper you purchased at the office supply store, and start printing. $20 of paper later, you realize that none of the cards are centered, the edges are jagged, and they simply look amateurish. Do you really want these to be your first impression?

When you bring your design to the local printer, they say “We don’t support that format” and you have to start all over…

What we will do for you

Gagnon Consulting, Inc. not only has the appropriate hardware and software tools, but has the experience and talent to create your marketing materials for you. We will take your logo, or create one for you (with your ideas and input), and prepare professional looking materials from business cards to letterhead to brochures. We will then work with local printers to ensure that your new materials are printed on the best and most appropriate quality paper or stock. We have relationships with several print shops and brokers to get you the best product for your business.