But I have a camera…

Everyone has a digital camera now. If you don’t, reasonably good ones are pretty inexpensive at the local electronics store. So why do you need to have Gagnon Consulting, Inc. take your photographs? Because we are professionals. We have been taking digital photos of products, buildings and people for years. And like most things, it is easy to do, but not easy to do well.

There are many steps to taking a high quality image – an image good enough to publish for your clients to view to sell your work. For example, taking photos of a kitchen seems easy, but in fact is tricky. A couple of major issues are lighting, or lack thereof, and having a camera with a lens side enough to get it all in. After the best possible raw image is taken, with the appropriate lighting and lens used, the photo will almost always need to be processed – adjusted for uneven or off-colored lighting, cropped to remove unwanted areas, aligned to remove the distortions that the wide angle lens can introduce, and sharpened to make the image pop.

Depending on the use – website or print – the image will need to be resized and converted into the appropriate format for the medium. The colors of print and the web are not exactly the same, and the resolutions are very different. Still want to do your own?

What we will do for you

Gagnon Consulting, Inc. has been dealing with these issues for years, and has the high quality camera, lenses and lighting, as well as the software for post processing to ensure that your project or product is viewed in the most flattering way.


  • Products
    • In context
    • On blue/green screen
  • Architectural
    • Outside – buildings, landscapes
    • Inside – Kitchens, baths, homes in progress
  • Portrait
    • On site
    • In our studio
  • Events and Functions

Image Post Processing

  • Clean up/Crop/Sharpen
  • Resize/Re-sample for Print or Web
  • Create clipping paths
    • extraction of subject from the background
    • prepare for other layout programs
  • Collages
  • Slide shows
  • Photo package for print
  • Create low resolution images for web