graphics_sliceAll businesses need some form of Graphics support. Everything from business cards and letterhead to brochures and flyers have to be designed, laid out and prepared for publication. Pictures of your work have to look professional and be prepared differently for the web site or your catalog and brochures. Gagnon Consulting, Inc. has helped many businesses through this seemingly simple but surprisingly complex process.

Keep it consistent

Branding of your company is extremely important, and even a small company should take advantage of some simple techniques that can make you more recognizable to you potential customers. Keeping a theme consistent throughout all your materials, whether it be your website or the side of your truck is paramount. Decide on a logo, color scheme, fonts and general appearance and stick to it. Put your website address and phone number on everything. Using Gagnon Consulting, Inc. as your graphics supplier and coordinator will ensure that your brand is consistent and recognized.

Get it Out There

Publication may mean on paper, on the front of a dress shirt or on your website. Although it sounds simple, there are many options and ‘gotchas’ when it comes to the mechanics of getting your designs onto these various mediums. Gagnon Consulting, Inc. has experience and the resources to make your designs into reality, and will provide you with a single point of contact to deal with it all, so you can get back to work.